Piratech Nano Facial Steamer – Bonus Thermal Facial Mask Kit Included – Ionic Home Sauna Spa, Pore Removal Beauty Deep Cleaning Therapy


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Product Description

Piratech company logo facial steamer beauty mask
Piratech company logo facial steamer beauty mask

Nano ionic 70ml facial steamer. Packaged with a free thermal face mask, 7 piece spot tool kit leather pouch with a mirror and a soft velvet headband

steamer wide pic
steamer wide pic

How it works

The Piratech unisex facial steamer cleanses, hydrates, sanitises and soothes the skin, leaving it feeling revitalised and youthful. Steaming enhances circulation in the face and this increased blood flow promotes the production of collagen and elastin, thereby helping skin to appear firmer and less prone to wrinkles. This steamer offers 10x better penetration from the hot mist steam than standard steamers on the market, making it more effective at removing harmful bacteria and dead skin cells and as a result the skin is less prone to acne and blackheads. Also helps to release sebum trapped beneath the skins surface, which naturally hydrates and moisturises the face. Use in combination with the free gel mask provided to enhance your self-care pampering session, from the comfort of your own home or to maintain your glow during your travels!


glow facial steamer spa
glow facial steamer spa

The Piratech Black Series 70 ml nano ionic facial steamer is an exceptional high-quality beauty product from a known steaming specialist brand – Piratech. Take your self-care pampering session to another level with the free Black Series extra value bonus kit that we gift you when you purchase the facial steamer! Your Piratech pampering package will include:

Be proud of your skin and let it shine and glisten healthier than ever!

How to use?

It is recommended to clean the face and remove any makeup (if applicable)

Ensure face is dry before using steamer

Unscrew the top section of the steamer.
Fill the small water cap provided to the top & pour into the centre of the base of the steamer.
Screw the top of the steamer back on, switch the steamer on and watch the misty steam start to produce within 10-15 Seconds.
Apply the headband provided (optional) and enjoy your 10 minute pampering session!

Thermal Mask

This mask has great self calming effects helps to revitalize & reduce fatigue lines after a long day or week! Leave the mask to cool down in the fridge and apply it when cold, the mask helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles and to revive the skin for a brighter, fresher appearance. The gel mask can also warmed to achieve a more relaxing, soothing experience, known to help with headaches. The special mineral gel pearls within the mask can retain the therapeutic temperature for around 25 min.

Key Points

70ml Facial nano steamer unit. Produces continuous steam for 8-11mins, which is more than enough for a facial steaming session. This has been tried and tested and the results are beautiful
Reusable thermal gel face mask – can be kept cool in the fridge or warmed for 5 seconds in the microwave. Helps to reduce puffy eyes, black circles, alleviate headaches/migraines and simply provides therapeutic relaxation.
Black ‘velvet’ headband – To keep your hair back and out of your face while using the steamer.
7pc spot tool kit with build in portable mirror – Fitted in a stylish leather case perfect for travel, use as aftercare procedure to help remove blackheads and dirt brought to surface after a session


Thermal mask kit + 5pc spot tool kit + soft hair band
Ultimate unmatched self pampering kit at a fraction of the price – Take care of yourself today
Piratech – quality at its finest
Money back guarantee

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Piratech Nano Facial Steamer – Bonus Thermal Facial Mask Kit Included – Ionic Home Sauna Spa, Pore Removal Beauty Deep Cleaning Therapy


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